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Compare School Board District 5 Candidates for Seminole County

See How Tina Calderone Supports Seminole County Public School Students

When comparing the School Board, District 5 Candidates for Seminole County, it’s easy to see who outperforms the others. We need a school board leader with proven experience. Combined, my career in business, educational background and commitment to Seminole County provides the support our schools deserve from a board member. With our children’s education on the line, we cannot afford to turn leadership over to someone with less experience.

Among the greatest accomplishments by Seminole County Public Schools during my tenure is increased academic performance and career readiness. Working alongside all board members and staff to lead our district in posting impressive testing outcomes, we equipped students for success as shown by improved SAT scores that exceed both state and national averages and an increase in industry certifications.

Tina meeting with two women in front of the CROOMS logo

How You Help Support Seminole County Public Schools

Whether you want to volunteer your time, offer a sign location or donate to my campaign, your help is greatly appreciated. Please give me the chance to fight for our schools and community once again.

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