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See Dr. Tina Calderone’s Awards, Honors and Affiliations

Dr. Tina Calderone has received many honors and awards for her tireless dedication to our students and community. These recognitions include a number of important leadership accolades for Seminole County. Please review the awards below to see examples of Tina’s dedication to our schools, children and local economy.


“Outstanding Achievement in Education” from the Women’s Executive Council


“Paul Harris Fellow” from the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

seminole county chamber of commerce logo

Tina was awarded both “Salute to Professional Women in Education” and “Chamber Member of the Year” by the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce


Awarded “Torch Bearer” from Sri Chinmoy Peace Run

Girls Scouts of Citrus Council

Awarded “Woman of Distinction – Education”

Logo for the Orlando Sentinel

“Women of Magic” from The Orlando Sentinel and Magic 107.7

Women Who Mean Business Logo

Tina was a winner of the “Women Who Mean Business” award from the Orlando Business Journal.

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